Future of the University

Hopefully it will happen soon, but I think the most important change we need is increased access to higher education. I think on one end of the spectrum, there is entirely too much pressure on the value of college. We take 17-18 year old kids, have them sign up for a huge amount of debt,Continue reading “Future of the University”

Technology in Higher Ed

For this post I’m responding to this NYTimes article. New technology always seems to offer endless possibilities, but I don’t really think of what higher education was like in the Jetson’s as much as I think about how sweet it would be to have a flying car and avoid traffic in Northern Virginia. The firstContinue reading “Technology in Higher Ed”

Open Access

For this assignment I’ve chosen to write my response about bioRxiv (pronounced bio-archive). bioRxiv is run by Cold Spring Harbor Lab, out of Cold Spring Harbor NY, which is a non-profit research institution. Unlike open access journals this is a free archive for unpublished preprints. That means they are not yet peer reviewed, and theyContinue reading “Open Access”


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