My research mission is to contribute to the understanding of how synaptic connections encode neural information in the hippocampus.

Pyramidal cells in the mouse hippocampus sparsely labeled with mCherry

Microcircuitry and Synapsembles

The hippocampus is actively encoding sequential experience in all mammals. This information is encoded in connections between populations of cells that represent experience. Our goal is to understand how those connections create a fundamental representation that allows an animal to remember as well as perceive its experience.

Imaging and Electrophysiology

We utilize multiphoton imaging in vivo and fluorescent tools to measure synaptic activity simultaneously with LFP recording. In this way we can correlate local synaptic activity with global electrophysiology. This approach allows us to identify how synaptic activity contributes to and is dependent on established electrical activity of the hippocampus

Intracellular Recording

Intracellular recording in vivo paired with optogenetic stimulation of pre-synaptic cells allows us to explore the specific and direct impacts activation of synapses have on the physiology of the post-synaptic cells. Through these experiments we can explore the relationship between specific subtypes of neurons in the hippocampus.